The Finjak Tool-Free fin installation device replaces the plate and screw of your single fin surfboard or SUP, making it easy to install, remove, or adjust your fin in seconds.

Finjak Tool Free

Super quick fin positioning for your surfboard fin

The Finjak Tool-free is the perfect fin bolt replacement that every longboard, midlength & retro board rider needs.

Made of hi-strength Acetal resin a finjak is a 'one-piece quick release clamp' that allows you to find the perfect sweet spot for harmonising your board and fin setup while still in the water - in seconds!

The next generation replacement for fin bolt and screw systems which retrofits all of your tabbed surfboard fins. No more rusted bolts, lost plates - no screwdrivers or fin keys.... Finjak is a quick-release system that simply slides into your finbox and 'clicks' shut making for hassle free fin adjustments in the water between waves.

Finjak is compatible with

Step 1 Slide

Slide your finjak into the fin box.

Position the pin on the finjak into the drilled hole in your fin.

Step 2 Position

Ensure your fin is in the desired position.

You can still move the fin and finjak at this stage to fine tune your setup.

Step 3 Click

Push your fin downwards with a firm motion.

The finjak will click shut. Your fin is now securely fitted into place.

Step 4 Surf!

You can now reposition your fin while still in the water

To release your fin, tap with a firm pressure with the palm of your hand in the opposite direction to the fin seating.


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